Benefits of Electric Vehicles & Car Charger Station Installation in Your Inglewood, CA Home

When you were younger did you ever watch the Jetsons movie and television show? If you did watch it you probably dreamed of having your very own Rosie the Robot to take care of your household needs; machines that could do practically anything; and flying cars that do the driving for you. Well with all of the modern technology some of these things are now an option. You may have considered making some of the state of the art products on the market. If you have been considering an electric car you will want to keep on reading. Today RG Electric Services will go over the benefits of purchasing an electric car.

Gas VS Electric Car Fuel Cost

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing an electric car is that it is so much cheaper to run than a gas powered vehicle. When you have a gas powered car your fuel costs fluctuate regularly. Sometimes gas prices get extremely pricey. Your weekly trip to the gas station can get quite costly. The cost of electricity is much more stable than the price of gasoline. Electricity is also cheaper than gas. Many times people will take the savings one step further and install solar screens on their home so that their electricity costs even less.

Electric Car Maintenance Costs VS Gas

Electric vehicles also cost less when it comes to maintenance. In gas powered vehicles you have to worry about exhaust systems, starters, fuel injection systems, radiators, and more. Maintaining all of these different parts can get quite expensive. In electric cars those parts are simply not needed. You do have to maintain the brakes, tires, suspension, and battery but that is about it.

Electric Cars & the Environment

The other area that entices buyers to purchase an electric car is that they are significantly better for the environment. As we learn more about the environment society has learned that there are things that we can do to keep our environment a little healthier. Driving an electric car is definitely a way to help out the environment!
There are a few different ways that electric cars help the environment. First they help reduce pollution in the air. Unlike gas powered vehicles which fill the air with harmful pollutants, electric vehicles have no exhaust emissions at all. Many of the electric car manufacturers like to use materials that are friendly to the environment when they are making their cars. Recycled water bottles, plastic bags, old car parts, and even second hand home appliances are all known to be used to help build electric cars.

Reduce Dependence of Foreign Oil

Here in the United States we use nearly nine billion barrels of petroleum every year. The majority of that petroleum is used for transportation. Our country purchases most of our petroleum from other nations. This leaves us vulnerable to political strains and supply disruptions. The electricity that is used for electric vehicles is produced from sources right here in our country.

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If these benefits have you ready to purchase an electric vehicle it is time to start car shopping. Before you can bring that car home you will need to install a charging station in your home. RG Electric Services can come out and install your charging station right away. Give us a call!