Best Smart Home Devices in Hidden Hills, CA; Plugs, Thermostat, Locks, Surveillance & More

We live in a world where you can control almost anything with your smartphone. The ability to control many of the electrical devices found in your home with the help of your smartphone simplifies your life. There are several devices that can be installed in your home to make life easier and more convenient as you can control them no matter how far away you are. RG Electric Services is here to share some of the top choice in smart home devices that you need in your house.

Smart Plugs

There are many appliances that you can purchase today that will link up with your smartphone. However, if you don’t have smart appliances the best way to make them smart is with a smart plug. You will be able to control the power remotely which is handy. You can turn on the lamp in your living room while you are out of town, or even monitor their energy usage with your phone. You should know that you need to be careful when buying smart plugs as not all of them work as well as others.

Smart Thermostat for Multiple Zones

It is so convenient to be able to control the temperature in your home when you aren’t even there. Most people don’t keep their home as warm or cooled when they are out of the town on vacation. With a smart thermostat, you have the ability to change the temperature in your home with the click of a remote button. You can also rest assured that your home is heating and cooling most efficiently. When you have a smart thermostat you can also check the energy history so you know just how often your heating and cooling is kicking on to keep your home’s temperature where you want it.

Smart Locks for Houses & Apartments

Have you ever wanted your neighbor to run over to your house and check on something for you while you aren’t there? With a smart lock, you can control the deadbolt to your home electronically. This means that you can hand out digital keys to the neighbors that you trust and it is all controlled using the Bluetooth function on your phone. It’s nice that it works this way so there isn’t another device that is on your Wi-Fi network.

Smart Home Surveillance

From video doorbells to cameras throughout you home, smart home surveillance systems makes it easy to keep an eye on things at home while you are away. You may just want to utilize a smart doorbell so you can talk to people when you are away and monitor the packages that you are expecting. You can also have cameras throughout your home so that you can see what caretakers are up to or even check in on your pets while you aren’t home.

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