Electrical Code Violations in Hawthorne, CA; Too Many Wires in a Junction Box & More

When you make any changes to your house you should use a contractor as well as pull any permits that are needed. The reason that this is important is that the contractor will be able to ensure that the work is up to code. Some people think that this is silly and don’t need to have their work inspected but it can lead to major trouble. If you are having work on your home done that involves the electrical system you want to be especially careful. Any code violation in your electrical system can lead to a potential fire hazard and that leaves you at risk. There are some common violations that are found when people try to make their own electrical upgrades. RG Electric Services outlines how to avoid an electrical code violation.

Old Wiring With New Light Fixtures

One of the things that homeowners often choose to upgrade in their house are the lighting fixtures. Light fixtures can become old and outdated and to freshen up a room a new light fixture can really do the trick. The light fixtures that you choose to use in your home may be beautiful and offer better lighting. The code violation comes in when that new fancy light is installed but the wires from the old light are still being used. The issue is that the old wires are not able to withstand the temperature that the newer light fixtures give off. That is why you need to update the wires as well as the light fixture to avoid a code violation. An electrician will know that they need to install a splice that is put in around three feet off the new light to ensure that the heat can be handled.

Too Many Wires in a Junction Box

Another issue that causes concern and a code violation is when you have too many wires that are being ran through the same hole. If you have an older home you may realize that you need more lighting fixtures, outlets and more to really keep up with the modern age. That is why homeowners will choose to have their electric system upgraded and bring in what they need. When you start to use a hole to move more than three wires you can be creating a fire hazard and a hot spot. The wires can rub against one another when they are too close and the insulation can become damaged. This is when the heat can come out and cause damage to the rest of the system and even the home. To avoid this code violation an electrician will spread out the wires with enough holes to accommodate.

Install Recessed Lighting

One of the most common addition to any home are recessed lighting. They are a great light that uses no space at all and lay flush to the ceiling. The problem is that if you do not install them correctly they can be a real hazard and a code violation. A common problem is that if the light touches the insulation in the attic it is a violation. You have to have a particular rating or you need to make sure that the area is clear of insulation.

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