Electrical Repairs in Pasadena, CA

Throughout the Greater Pasadena, California area, commercial and residential electrical services are expertly provided by RG Electric Services. To give you peace of mind, RG Electric Services is completely licensed and insured to offer affordable and premium services. Certified electricians, armed with advanced equipment and top-of-the-line products, execute all electrical services as we would our own, with safety, efficiency, and quality.

Electrical Wiring Repairs

Over time, the electrical system of your Pasadena, California home or business wears and tears, or simply becomes outdated. With RG Electric Services performing your upgrades and repairs, you can count on superior results for your electrical services, whether the electrical systems in your Pasadena home or business are worn and faulty, or the electrical system is simply outdated. RG Electric remains steadfast and vigilant to detect the underlying problems with visual inspections and diagnostic testing when you experience systems. After the issue is identified, our electricians can determine the proper solution.

Signs of Electrical Problems in Home

Should your Pasadena, CA home or business experience anomalies with the electrical system such as electric bills that are unusually high, frequently blown out light bulbs, warm or hot light switches, lighting dims or flickers often, excessive tripping of the circuit breaker, or any charred, broken, or discolored outlets, you are in need of immediate repairs and/or upgrades to prevent electrocution, electrical fires, and to accommodate the demand of the electrical needs. With these red flags, contact RG Electric Services for the appropriate upgrades and repairs as quickly as possible.

Electrical Wiring Repairs in Agoura Hills, Chatsworth, Van Nuys, Woodland Hills, Encino & Greater Los Angeles, California

When it comes to repair services, retrofitting, electrical fixture installation, and all of your other commercial and residential electrical services for your Pasadena, California home or business, it is in your better interest to entrust it to a certified electrician from RG Electric Services. Excessively costly repairs, injury or even fatalities can occur without the proper handling of electrical wires and components. When you need electrical services done right and done safely, you need the experts of RG Electric Services, call us today!