How to Protect Your Home from Theft & Burglary in La Puente, CA; Smart Doorbell & More

It seems that more and more people are taking their home security seriously. They want to make sure that they are aware of what is going on around their home and their community. The more that you are ready to secure your home and protect your family the more comfortable you can live. The way that you can do that is to find things that you can install and or upgrade that give you the peace of mind. People are choosing to use the front of their home as a way to add security in a few different ways. There are things that you can do that seem to become more and more on the norm. Some of the upgrades can be done when you call a professional electrician. RG Electric outlines ways you can add some security to your home.

Connect a Smart Doorbell

One of the most common additions that people are making to their home is a smart doorbell. Yes your doorbell can be smart. The great thing is that the doorbell is actually part of your security. The doorbell has many functions and one is that it can be rung to alert that someone is at the door. It can also be a camera that will start to record when it seems movement in its path. This is great when there is an unwanted guest coming up to your house. It can also be if you have a problem with the ever present porch pirate. You have video evidence that someone came to your house and took a package. You can give it to your local police department and they can open a case for you. The doorbell also have an app that you can use to check in front of your house. That way when you are not home you still have a way to check on your house. Lastly they also can have a speaker and microphone that allows you to speak to a person that might be at your house. The speaker is a great way to communicate and not have to make any contact with someone you don’t know.

Hard Wire Security Lights

You can also choose to have lights that are added to your home in the front. This is a great way to increase the visibility of the area around your house. The lights can be set to a timer or a sensor so that it will come on when there is activity or a time of day that is dark. This helps when you are also walking up to your house and need some light to see clearly. The lights are something that can be a great addition to your home security.

Glass Break & Window Sensors

You also can have a sensor on your windows so that if they are being manipulated there is alert that is going off. The sensors can tell you if a window has been broke and even if they have been opened. This offers you a jump start to protect your house and contact the police to come out and help.

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