Commercial Building Electrical Inspection Checklist

Commercial property owners need an electrician they can rely on. In the Greater Los Angeles, California area, the local businesses have RG Electric Service for all of their electrical needs. Having an electrical inspection performed by a proficient expert you can trust is essential for the safety and efficiency of your commercial electrical systems. As RG Electric Service has been doing commercial electrical inspections for over a decade, you can be rest assured of our thoroughness and attention to detail. When your L.A. business is due for an electrical inspection, RG Electric Service is readily available.

Electrical Safety Inspection for Your Business

Behind the walls, your Los Angeles, California commercial building has a network of electrical systems coursing through them. Electrical problems can lead to poor energy efficiency, and safety hazards such as electrical fires and electrical shocks or electrocution. The business’ equipment can also contribute to safety hazards if your business’s electrical system is inadequately or improperly wired. With RG Electric commercial electrical inspections, we can perform a comprehensive electrical inspection for your business to check for appropriate coding, safety, and efficiency.

Commercial Building Inspection Report

The entire electrical network in your business is checked by an RG Electric Service certified electrician including systems, wiring, and components to make certain everything is up to code and can adequately handle the demand of the electrical needs of your business efficiently and safely. Once completed, RG Electric Service will deliver a copy of a detailed reports that lists any priorities, reporting any issues that require immediate attention, and offer any recommendations for upgrades or improvements your business’s electrical system may need.

Advantages of Electrical Inspections

There are countless reasons as to why you could need your business in L.A. inspected for the electrical systems. If your building is undergoing any remodeling, you are looking to buy or sell the building, or the building is over 20 years old, an electrical inspection from RG Electrical is essential for your business. RG Electric Service of Los Angeles, California knows businesses need to protect their assets, customers, and staff members. Ensuring the building of your business is safe offers you more peace of mind. During our in-depth inspection, we can note any mistakes that were done by contractors or DIY projects, check to see that electrical aspects are performing safely, identifying outdated or unsafe wiring, and the inspection looks for any signs of deterioration in addition to inspecting the fuses or breakers that are inappropriately sized that can result in fires. The inspection is overall designed to spare commercial buildings discover any safety risks for you can correct them, help businesses reduce energy usage and costs help you know what issues you might be walking into space that has excessive electrical issues.

Commercial Building Electrical Inspection Checklist

The following elements of your business’s electric system RG Electric Service is not limited to, the following:
– Grounding systems
– Surge protection.
– Smoke detectors placement.
– Test the smoke detector testing.
– Test the carbon monoxide detector.
– Light bulb wattage.
– Switches and wall outlets.
– Any risks of shock or electrocution.
– Arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs).
– All safety and security lighting are checked.
– Electrical panel; amps, label, and operation.
– The exterior electrical systems.
– A detailed, prioritized report all areas that need attention.

Commercial Building Electrical Inspection Checklist & More in Agoura Hills, Chatsworth, Van Nuys, Woodland Hills, Encino & Greater Los Angeles, California

If your business needs an electrical inspection in the Greater Los Angeles, California area, call RG Electric Service and let our experts take care of your commercial electrical inspection to ensure efficiency, and quality.