Lighting Consultant & Design for Your Business

RG Electric Service of Greater Los Angeles, California are expert lighting designers and consultants, offering services to the commercial businesses locally and in surrounding areas. With our commitment to ensuring quality services, you can rest assured your design will maximize your business, both inside and out. Our electricians are the leading experts to make certain your electrical work is done safely and efficiently. For electrical lighting design and consulting, RG Electric Service is who you need to call for a job done right.

Commercial Lighting Design Guide

Your commercial lighting in the Greater Los Angeles, CA area is an important element to the overall design of your business. Whether you are an office, retail, or the service industry, the lights need to offer practical needs as well as highlight retail or architectural features, and illuminate the space for staff and guests alike. With the right lighting design for your business, you can include elegance with your productivity.

Commercial Interior & Exterior Building & Parking Lot Lighting

Commercial lights need both interior and exterior lighting, with the right lighting design, RG Electric Service can help your Los Angeles, CA business stand out. From the exterior where 1st impressions, and safety matter, to the inside where people can be productive or see merchandise, designing your lighting is essential and the expert consultants and designers of RG Electric can enhance your business with the right lighting.

Outdoor Architectural LED Linear Accent Lighting & More

The exterior of your L.A., California business requires adequate lighting to maneuver through the parking lot with safety and illuminate your business, so it does not look closed down. Getting the attention with the right lighting can help your business stand out in the darkness. Additionally, you want your employees and customers to navigate through the parking lot and feel safe in a bright area to and from their vehicles. RG Electric Service has the experience and skills to properly assess your business’s exterior and consult you on how to customize your parking lot, storefront, and the back sufficiently lit to ensure safety and attract attention.

Commercial Pendant & Decorative Lighting

Your business’s interior in the greater Los Angeles, California area requires more than just lights. No matter what your business pertains too, the design of your lighting plays an important role. For commercial spaces that only accommodate office workers, that don’t see many outside guests, your space can still be designed to impress with modern lighting and make it extraordinary. For your practical applications, we can help your staff see properly without straining while offering tasteful placement with beautiful fixtures.

Lighting Consultant, Design & Fixture Installation for Your Business in Agoura Hills, Chatsworth, Van Nuys, Woodland Hills, Encino & Greater Los Angeles, California

When your L.A. business caters to visitors, clients, and customers, you need to strive to be unique, elegant and functional. The lighting design will help you showcase products, the right lights will shine the way for your guests, and with modern technology, your business is modernly designed with the perfect lighting with RG Electric Service lighting design services. Whether you are custom building your business’s space or you are remodeling to maximize the aesthetics and function, RG Electric Service has your consulting and design team ready to offer their expertise with your lighting needs. Call us today to schedule your appointment.