Electrical Repairs in Malibu, CA

The commercial and residential residents of Malibu, California have RG Electric Services as a reliable source when they are looking for a quality electrician that is dependable and affordable. Our family owned and operated business is fully licensed, insured, and bonded with certified electricians that deliver superior workmanship, professional courtesy, and friendly customer service. Using top of the line equipment and products, you can count on reliable repairs and other electrical services from RG Electric Services.

Residential & Commercial Electrical Inspections, Troubleshooting, Diagnosis & Repairs

Extending to commercial and residential customers in Malibu, California, RG Electric Services provides electrical repair services. With the electrical system being made of a network of wires and circuits, there are many circumstances that can cause the electrical circuits and wires to deteriorate over time, and if there is an electrical hazard, you need a reliable expert to ensure it is repaired efficiently. The main electrical breaker panel is responsible for the power supply. It is common for the electrical panel to suffer from overload, putting the building and those inside at risk. If the circuit breaker consistently trips, the electrical panels are likely in need of repairs. Additionally, RG Electric Services is readily available when your home or business in Malibu, CA is in need of repairs. Whether you try to repair a light switch, a socket, or a light fixture, it can be a severe safety hazard if you are untrained. Let RG Electric Services handle your electrical and light fixture repairs or upgrades for efficiency, and most importantly, safety.

Electrical Repairs & More in Agoura Hills, Chatsworth, Van Nuys, Woodland Hills, Encino & Greater Los Angeles, California

When your home or business in Greater Malibu, CA is in need of electrical repair, RG Electric Services is your number one source to make certain it is done right the first time. Call us today to avoid serious electrical risks.