Home Electrical Repairs

Anytime you are facing electrical problems in your home, it can bring you to a crashing halt until the problem is fixed. Our electrical systems are often taken for granted until the moment when they aren’t working properly. At RG Electric Services, we provide a long list of residential electrical services that cover any and every problem you may be experiencing with your electrical system. Our trusted electricians are highly trained and have extensive experience that you can trust. Following is a little more in-depth look at our residential electrical repair services.

Circuit & Wiring Electrical Repairs

Your electrical system is comprised of a multitude of circuits and wires. When they are working harmoniously, you can enjoy unlimited power throughout your house. However, if you experience problems with interrupted circuits, not only is it inconvenient but a fire hazard as well. We will solve any wiring problems that are presenting themselves in an effort to keep your home safe.

Main Electrical Breaker Panel Repairs

The main electrical panel in your home is responsible for all the power you enjoy. It is often referred to as the electrical heart of the home since all the power you get from the power company is brought to your home and dispersed by this panel. If your electrical panel is overloaded, it can be a fire risk in your home. You could also be experiencing tripped circuits if your panel is overloaded.

Whole House Surge Protection Services

It is important to have the right amount of surge protection to keep the many electronics in your home safe from power surges. Many of the electronics you use each day can be badly damaged if a power surge were to happen without the appropriate surge protection there to protect them. At RG Electric Services, we can inspect and install surge protection where needed throughout your home.

Electrical & Light Fixture Repairs

When you don’t have the training and experience working with electrical wiring, it can be dangerous to attempt to install or repair new fixtures in your home. You can trust the electricians at RG Electric Services to service all your new fixtures correctly and safely. Upgrading your light fixtures is an inexpensive way to transform any space and we can help.

Electrical Inspections

Having the electrical system in your home inspected gives you an in-depth look at your wiring system. This is especially necessary when your home is older and the wiring could be potentially outdated. An electrical inspection is a great way to better know and understand the way your electrical system works.

Electrical Code Compliance

At RG Electric Services, we adhere to strict electrical codes put out by NEC (National Electrical Code). These standards help to keep your home safe from the risk of electrical fires as well as work to ensure your electrical system works flawlessly. Our electricians work to ensure all local as well as state codes are met anytime we work on your electrical system.

Electrical Repairs & More in Agoura Hills, Chatsworth, Van Nuys, Woodland Hills, Encino & Greater Los Angeles, California

No matter how big or small the repairs may be, RG Electric Services can handle it. Call us today for all your residential electrical needs.