Preparing for Electrical Inspection in Diamond Bar, CA; What is Involved, When is Required & More

There are a number of reasons why a home’s electrical system gets inspected. Often it occurs when a home is being sold or purchased, or to help keep up on maintenance. Regardless as to why a home is being inspected, it is important to know what and why the electrical systems are being inspected and how it benefits the home or business owner. RG Electric Service will share what and why an electrical system is inspected.

Electrical Inspection Helps Ensure Safety

During a short span of four years, an estimated 144,000 home caught fire due to an electrical flaw or issue. Electricity has brought many conveniences to modern life which no one wants to do without. However, electricity is dangerous, especially when neglected. It can be very difficult to detect an electrical problem especially when most people are never taught how to detect potential hazards. To help ensure electrical safety it is recommended to have both residential and commercial electrical systems inspected regularly. During an inspection the electrician will test the electrical panel and wiring and check for any flaws or damages.

Electrical Inspection for Home Insurance Policy

Older homes that never get an electrical inspection could risk their insurance policy to either be dropped or the premium, increased. The higher the chance that there could be an electrical hazard in the home or building, the insurance provider is within their rights to increase premiums or drop policy. This happens especially if the home or building falls under neglect. If the home electrical system is outdated you can put the insurance company at ease by having an inspection. If an issue arises then you can have repairs done to prove the electrical system is cared for and safety is ensured.

Electrical Inspection for Modern Wiring

As technology improves, often newer, better and safer ways are developed to ensure electrical safety and efficiency. For example, earlier wiring systems used knob and tubes which proved unsafe. Next came aluminum wires which again didn’t handle electrical currents well and overheating became a problem. Modern electrical systems use copper wire of varying gauges depending on the electrical needs. For example, HVAC systems need more power. As a result, a specific gauged wire is used and often requires a dedicated circuit. During an inspection the wiring is checked to see if it is up to date which helps efficiency and most importantly, safety.

Electrical Inspection Energy Efficiency Audit

Some electrical systems, especially older designs, may not be very efficient. Modern appliances often need more amps, or there may be electrical waste or drains in the system. Older or damaged wiring systems, or even older electrical panels or breaker panels may need updating to help control all the incoming electrical currents. This better manages the electricity that comes in and out.

Electrical Inspection Report

When you have your electrical system inspected you will receive a full report. This report can help in many ways. It can reveal potential problems in the system that should be repaired. It can also help when buying or selling to show the electrical system is in condition good. Most importantly, an electrical inspection cam help improve safety. Electrical fires occur all the time and even when there seems to be no problems. However by having the electrical system inspected, it can help reduce and prevent many electrical fires.

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