Saving Energy & Other Advantages of Ceiling Fan Installation Where No Fixture Exists in Irwindale, CA

There are lots of reasons you may need to call out an electrician. Most people know that a loss of electricity to the house, a light switch that won’t work or an outlet that is hot can be reasons to call an electrical contractor. There are lots of other reasons as well that don’t have anything to do with a problem in the house but rather making upgrades to the residence. One upgrade that many homeowners choose to have is to install ceiling fans through the house. They are a great added benefit to any home for many reasons. RG Electric Services outlines the benefits of having ceiling fans installed in your house.

Ceiling Fans Save Energy

When you have a ceiling fan in a room it can be turned on to help to circulate the air. The fan is not something that will help cool the space down but it will help the efficiency of your air conditioning unit. The AC unit has to run until the house is at the temperature that is set on the thermostat. The problem that happens is that the cooler air will not mix with the warmer air as fast and the balance can be off. The benefit of having a fan is that it will circulate the air in the room that it is installed in and that will allow the AC unit to work a little less. This in turn will decrease the amount of energy that you are using and cost you less money.

Ceiling Fans Can Be Used in Summer & Winter

Some people think that when the cooler months are here they do not need to use ceiling fans. There is a common misconception that the fans only help when it is hot outside but they are a great benefit when it is cold as well. You can use a switch on the fan to have the blades go in the opposite direction in the winter. Now that the fan is turning the opposite way the air is being pulled up and will still circulate the air without creating a breeze under it. This is a great way to keep the air moving even in the winter.

Ceiling Fans with Lights

Having a fan that helps circulate the air in your house is great but they have a secondary function. Many fans can be outfitted with a lighting fixture that hangs underneath them as well. The lights are part of the same mechanism and can be turned on and off with a switch on the wall. This means that you can have light in a kids room without having to use a lamp. Lamps in children’s rooms can be dangerous if they play with the cord or pull on them. The ceiling fan and light combo is the best option.

Beautiful & Stylish Ceiling Fan Fixtures

When it comes to décor, ceiling fans can also tie in the look and feel of your house as well. Each room can have their own unique style ceiling fan. They come in many varieties of colors, sizes and shapes to fit any style that you choose.

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