Types of Light Bulbs in La Verne, CA; Incandescent Compact Fluorescent, Halogen & LED

Homeowners have been changing light bulbs for a long time. How much do you know about light bulbs?

Common Types of Light Bulbs

Today more than ever, there are more options when it comes to light bulbs that can make picking them out intimidating. There are four major groups:
Incandescent. These are the standard light bulbs we all know about. They emit warm, yellowed light and have been popular for years. But these light bulbs lose about 90% of their energy through the heat they emit.
Halogen Incandescent. Halogen gas started showing up in light bulbs after 2007. This is when a law passed that prohibited energy waste in commercial products. This change was a small one, but it improved the energy usage of these bulbs while maintaining the same amount of light.
CFL. Compact Fluorescent (CFLs) are the light bulbs shaped like ice cream cones that people with money to burn used to buy to light their homes. This isn’t true anymore. These bulbs provide bright light with a lower price, making them a popular choice more recently.
LED. These are the bulbs shaped like parachutes. They are pricey and haven’t gained too much popularity in the domestic home market. However, the light they emit is powerful and lasts a long time so the high cost of them has become easier to pay.

How to Change a Light Bulb

Step 1. Turn the power off. The first thing you need to do is turn the power off. Make sure the light switch is in the “off” position. Look at the other switches nearby to determine that it is. There’s a chance you might get a shock if you forget this step. You should also make sure that the bulb is cool to the touch or it might burn you.
Step 2. Use a secure stool. Changing a light bulb can be dangerous if you don’t use a secure platform. Make sure you can stand on the chair, table, or step ladder without rocking or tipping to any big extent. The more confident you are the less likely you will fall.
Step 3. Take the old bulb out. If you can reach it, simply unscrew. Don’t squeeze too hard or you might break it and risk cutting yourself. If you can’t reach it, there are bulb extension arms you can use, making light bulb changes a little safer.
Step 4. Replace it with a new one. Use the same type of bulb or one that is more appropriate and twist it into the socket-
Step 5. Turn the power on. After you have installed the new bulb you can flip the switch to the “on” position- you should have light if you’ve installed it correctly and it isn’t a dud-
Step 6. Throw the old bulb out. Don’t throw burnt out light bulbs in the trash as they can break easily and cut someone. Instead, wrap it in a smaller bag or in some newspaper before throwing it out.

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