What to Do When an Outlet Sparks in Lakewood, CA; Tips for During & After an Electrical Fire

A home’s electrical system should be inspected, maintained and when needed, upgraded and not just for efficiency but above all else, safety. Electricity is very dangerous, yet we use it every day. We use it at home, at work, at school, and even in our vehicles. Electricity is a modern marvel that must be treated carefully. Electrical fires occur every day, and in most cases, without warning. RG Electric Services would like to share how to properly respond during an electrical fire in hopes to control the fire before it claims your enter home.

Electrical Fire; What to Do

In many cases, the homeowner never knows that an electrical fire has started until the flames get big enough. In this situation, get everyone out of the home fast. Once everyone is out of the home, call 911 and report the fire. Fires can get out of hand really fast. Don’t attempt to put the flames out, especially if other members of the home are present. However, depending on the situation, some electrical fires may be contained and put out before major fires break out.

What to Do when Electrical Outlet Sparks

If you are present when an electrical spark occurs, whether you are tampering with an electrical connection, for example, your very first step is to quickly turn off the power. Go to the breaker panel and turn off all the power. The constant surge of power can fuel a fire. Again, safely get everyone out of the home first, then run and turn off the power. With the power disconnected and if mild burning is still occurring, use baking soda to put out the flames. Never use water—even with the power turned off, don’t use water. When turning the power back on you will simply cause another electrical surge which can trigger another fire. Baking soda can safely smother the flames and stop them from spreading or getting bigger. Baking soda should be stored in an easily reached area as it can help put out fires as well as combat odors. Another option for putting out electrical fires is a Class C Fire Extinguisher. Both baking soda and class C fire extinguisher uses a chemical compound sodium bicarbonate which is best for putting out electrical based fires.

Wood Fire Blanket

If you have a fire blanket, you can also use it to put out a fire. Fire requires oxygen. By smothering the flames, you can put them out. However, you will want to use a fire blanket as they require a lot of heat or intense fire to burn them. Avoid using other types of blankets as they may burn more easily. If you are not alone, you can have another person use water to defend the surrounding areas where the fire may have begun. By soaking the surrounding area, you may be able to prevent the fire from spreading. However, if the flames are spreading and getting more than a foot in height it is best to get out of the home and call for help.

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