Why are My Lights Flickering & Dimming in One Room or Whole House in Huntington Park, CA

When you have your lights randomly flicker, in most cases it is minor a problem. However, there are a few cases it can be a sign of more serious problems. When lights flicker it can be due to a few different problems and most are easily corrected. RG Electric Services will share what can cause lights to flicker, how to correct the problem, and when it is best to seek professional assistance.

Faulty Light Switch

Determining a faulty light switch can be relatively easy. Typically when their a problem with that light switch all the lighting on the circuit will flicker together. Other sign that may point to the light switch is if the light switch feel hot or you can smell a electrical burn. When the light flicker often the light switch may need the electrical connection checked or the switch need to be replaced. If the switch feel hot or have a burning smell keep the lights off and have the switch check immediately, you may be at risk of a fire.

Power Surge

Power surge from failing equipment or large appliances turn on can cause the light to flicker. Power surge are typically cause from abnormalities in the electrical system such as a failure or malfunctioning appliances. Power drains have a similar affect on the lights.

LED Light Blinking Fast on Dimmer Switch

When you have LED light flicker this is usually due to a separate issue and usually has nothing to do with your home’s electrical system. In some cases it may have something to do with the dimmer switch on the light fixture or lamp. Dimmer switch work by powering electricity on and off in quick intervals turning on and off several time every second. This method of dimming light bulbs are design for traditional light bulb but not LED light bulbs. As the power is shut off and on rapidly designated by the dimmer switch the LED bulb will actually flicker. If your using LED bulbs and they are flickering consider replacing the dimmer switch with one designed for LED bulb which use a completely different dimming system.

Damaged Electrical Wiring

Sometime determining the source of the flicker can be rather difficult if the problem is caused by damaged or loose wiring. Wiring is connected and split off in many direction throughout the home. Wiring can become loose or even damage by a number of sources. The wiring can get damaged by a nail or screw, by rodent chewing on the wiring or the line got pulled on. If the wiring to the lighting system became loose or damaged it often take an electrician to locate the source.

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Flickering lights can be annoying or a signs of more severe electrical problems. If you have flickering lights contact RG Electric Services, we can help inspect your home’s electrical system as well as locate and correct the source of the electrical problem. Electrical safety is our major concern as well as reliability. If you have flickering lights or require professional electrical services contact RG Electric Services and schedule our services today.